Tea Rosé Exfoliating Textured Sponge

  • Tea Rosé  Exfoliating Textured  Sponge

The exfoliating textured sponge provides a more gentle exfoliation. Scrubbing your skin with our textured sponge promotes blood circulation, reduces stress, and revitalizes your body. Gently deep cleanses your skin, clears acne & blackheads, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Leaving you thoroughly cleansed from head to toe after each use of the textured sponge.

**The textured exfoliating sponge is made of 100% natural loofah and textured cotton fabric, which are soft, skin-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use, gently remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin.**

Tips for maintaining your textured sponge.

1.Soak in water for 1-2 minutes before use.

2.Rinse your sponge with hot water after each use.

3.Dry the sponge completely, put it in a place with good circulation.

4.Please change it every four weeks.