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Rosa Prosecco Bubbly Body Scrub


Save time, cleanse and exfoliate all in one step! Scented with rose essential oil and a hint of premium grade prosecco fragrance oil, the Rosa Prosecco Bubbly Body Scrub makes bath time calming and refreshing.

Bubbly body scrubs comes with:
1 Loofah
1 Wooden Spoon

*Exfoliates with sugar and cleanses with foaming body butter cream in one step.
*Eliminates the need to use bar soap and shower gel.
* Rose oil hydrates dry skin & reduces the signs of aging.
*Gentle enough to use every day.
*Excellent for all skin types.
*Moisturizes with grapeseed, coconut & almond oil.
*Perfect for shaving.
*Leaves skin radiant.

1. Scoop a small amount of bubbly with wooden spoon into your hands or loofah.
2. Gently massage body scrub on your entire body.
3. Rinse, Pat Dry then Moisturize!
Moisturizers work best on damp skin.

**Paraben and MPG Free**
** All containers are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is 100 % recyclable**